Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid Everyday

It’s the little details that make all the massive difference. While your commercial kitchen need not be sterilized like a hospital cleanroom, it is your ethical duty to ensure that the cooking space of your restaurant is free of dirt and bacteria. Doing so, you save yourself from hefty fines that may be imposed by the official from the health department during a surprise visit. Therefore, you must make sure that your kitchen staff are paying great emphasis to the end of their shift kitchen cleaning. Here, we’ll enlist common commercial kitchen cleaning mistakes that could be costly for you. 

Food Storage

Proper storage of the food and even the half-prepared food is critical, and your staff must follow specific rules to preserve them. The dry foods must be stored in air containers, like the zip-top bags. The servicing tools must be kept cleaned and away from the food. Most storage problems happen in the refrigerator, and knowing the right temperature is the key. Ask your staff to make it a policy to check the thermometer temps at the start and end of their shift. The leftover food must be stored in an airtight bag, and write the date on it.

No Deeping Cleaning

Your commercial kitchen requires professional deep cleaning done by a trusted kitchen deep clean London company. They will not just wipe the worktop, but get rid of the grease marks from the nook & corner of the kitchen. They will clean your kitchen appliances, which ultimately impact their efficiency and lifespan. Their professionals have the right arsenal of tools & equipment to remove even the toughest food spills marks on the different areas of the kitchen. Proper deep cleaning now & then will make your commercial kitchen appeal sparkling cleaning & hygiene; You’ll be able to invite guests and food bloggers to inspect your kitchen, and give their reviews. To avail these benefits of deep commercial kitchen cleaning, you’ll need to hire a competent company that delivers quality at the right prices.

No Proper Hygiene

Are your staff not washing their hands before preparing the food? Are they using the same cutter for vegetables and poultry?  Or not properly washing the food in a disinfect? Then, your restaurant is not adhering to the best hygiene practices. You’ll have to educate your staff with all these minute details of hygiene practices at your commercial kitchen.

So, if your restaurant kitchen is appealing woeful, then, it’s time to contact Clean Arrow, we provide deep kitchen cleaning using the most up to date techniques and equipment to offer value for money and honest service. Our client base includes schools, bars, pubs, small restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality businesses throughout London.