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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Clean

It’s so important to keep a clean kitchen because of the dangers of bacteria lurking on surfaces. When you ask CleanArrow™ to carry out your kitchen cleanse, we make sure every surface and cupboard is thoroughly disinfected. We also clean ovens, refrigerators, freezers and other major appliances.

We are specialists in commercial kitchen cleaning services. We are offering kitchen extract and duct cleaning services for commercial catering environments such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, offices, schools, care homes, lodgings, hotels and other commercial food preparation areas.

Our expert kitchen cleaners have worked in a wide range of catering environments from small food stalls to fast food canteens, restaurants, high road brands, hotels & inns, hospitals, care homes, schools and colleges.

We are promised to complete commercial kitchen and extraction cleans for various prominent customers, to whom we are really happy to be of service for every year. Our customer maintenance is high since we offer a high value for money to achieve top results every time with a reliable and honest service.

Benefits Of Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

Achieving hygiene in your commercial kitchen – it reduces the risk of contamination, minimum customer complaints and much better working environment for working staff.

It increases efficiency and longer equipment life for reducing maintenance cost.

It reduces the risk of fire and improves health and safety in your working environment.

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Save 10% Off 1st Clean

Save 10% Off 1st Clean

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