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Questions to Ask When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Company

So, you are in the process of hiring a commercial cleaning company but baffled with numerous options in the market, right? Don’t you worry, as today, we’ll be putting forth critical questions that you must ask from a commercial cleaning services provider before you make the final call:-

How Many Years Have You Been in Business? 

Experienced still matters, and experienced commercial cleaning companies have expertise in what they do. Yes, enthusiasm counts, but still, it is no substitute for experience. So, do your research work to find a company with a panel of passionate professionals with a track record of providing decided cleaning solutions to office, retails outlets, and other commercial spaces. You can directly enquire this from your potential cleaning company or thoroughly browse their official website.

How Do Screen Your Professionals? 

It is essential to get information about this from your prospective commercial cleaning services company. Typically, each employee they get on board must be screened for drug use and any criminal history. A trustworthy company will have a proper procedure to hire the right guys with experience and professionalism.

What Kind of Training Have Your Employees Received?

Inquire what sort of training their staff has taken to consistently deliver good services to their clients. Apart from general training, if you are hiring a janitor for your hospital or school, make sure they are specifically geared to deal with such complicated jobs.

Are You Insured?

Not only your commercial service provider should be insured, but that must also assure you that you are protected. There are four types of general insurance liability, workers’ compensation, automobile liability, and an umbrella policy. These will ensure complete peace of mind in case any unforeseen happens to the professional working at your site or any accident that involves damage to your property.

What Kind of Quality Checks do You Follow?

The objective of the quality checks done by the managers is to ensure reliability through accountability. A facility manager must be in communication with you to assess whether you are happy with the cleaning services and oversee the staff to ensure everything is done efficiently. Upon asking, they’ll list several quality checks that they adhere to for quality assurance.

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