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Tips to Maintain Your Home Carpet

So, you have bought some new carpet for your living room. They are appealing, charismatic, breathing new life to your dull interiors. But, you are worried, for how many days the carpets will look fresh & lively, right? Don’t worry; we understand your concern. Therefore we’ve created a practical guide to maintain your floor carpet like an expert. Let’s check out:-

Vacuum Cleaning

Not every day, but once in a week, vacuuming is enough to get rid of the dust particles and bacteria that reside on the surface of the carpet. But, daily vacuuming can lead to physical damage to the carpet, due to increased pressure, the fibres over time can tear up. So, be careful with vacuuming, do it gently. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing more harm than any good to your new carpet.

Call Expert Carpet cleaners in London

You must get your carpet professional cleaned by carpet cleaners in London, at least once in five to six months or whenever your carpet looks unsightly. They will do deep cleaning of the carpet to get rid of even stubborn food stains that hamper the overall quality of the carpet. Moreover, certain dust spots are tough to remove from the carpet by vacuuming. It is highly recommended to be selective with your carpet cleaning London service provider, do your research to determine for how many years they have been in the business. Do they have a proven track record of offering quality services? Answers to these questions will help you find a value for money carpet cleaning company.

Keep Your Dirty Shoes Off

Make it a rule not to let anyone wearing shoes step down to the carpet. You can even go that extra mile in keeping a shoes rack outside your house. Doing so, you prevent the outside dirt and dust from entering your home.

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